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A Hustler is Bold.Passionate.Resourceful.Creative.You.

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The Hype Hustlers is a 10,000 piece collection of diverse NFTs with 200 randomly generated traits that highlight different physical looks, professions, passions, and identities. We believe anyone can be a Hustler. Even you. You just got to show up.


When we started Hype Hustlers, we were only 3 recent graduates trying to navigate a complicated world and find our voice in this industry. As young girls growing up in the 90s, a Hustler woman was a rare sight within the tech industry. To be considered a Hustler used to mean playing dirty for your success.

However, with the emergence of NFTs and the Metaverse, this definition, for women, means actually doing the hard and real work to earn that success. We want to redefine what it means to be a hustler as a woman in the Crypto Industry.

There are so many women who are recently entering the workforce and are eager to learn more about web 3.0, crypto and the metaverse, but don’t know where to start. It seems intimidating from the outside looking in, but we want to be the man - or in this case “the woman” - on the inside for these young professionals.

Road Map 1.0

The Hustlers project is more than a unique collection, it is meant to be a tight, exclusive community filled with networking opportunities and personal growth. We want to be the man - or in this case “the woman” for young professionals, to help support them achieve their goals.

Meet the Team

The Founding Hustlers

Maria Coraza
Project Administrator / Co-Founder

Proud Filipina-American born and raised in the United States. As a project administrator, I make sure tasks are completed and operations are running smoothly. When I’m not working, I’m writing songs under the moniker Sabela Bee!

Oriana Valderrama
Social media manager / Co-Founder

Born and raised in Venezuela. Came to the U.S. for the “American Dream”. My job involves creating content and meeting exciting new people on Twitter Spaces. In my free time, you can find me having $5 margaritas with friends, reading the next Steven King’s novel or re-watching some superhero movie for the 50th time.

Bita Motiie
Community Manager / Co-Founder

I’m just a Texan girl figuring out this Web 3 world. I graduated from The University of North Texas, with a degree in Marketing with a minor in Economics. Content creation has been my passion along with building communities. In my freetime, I love to cook, play video games and play with my beautiful Blue Heeler, Bandit! ​

Austi Bryant
Marketing Outreach Specialist

My graduate degree in Communications has molded me into a a conversational guru. I strive to always create warm environments where people feel welcome and comfortable while opening up to me. My favorite topics to chat about over a cup of coffee are travel experiences, funny childhood memories, and the best hiking spots nearby.

The Board of Advisors

Tony Yang
BlockChain Advisor

I am a serial entrepreneur in the Web 1.0-3.0 space. I enjoy researching and collecting NFTs. I graduated from UT Austin with an MBA from UT Dallas. My specialties are Brand Marketing, eCommerce and Blockchain strategies. I love to spend time with my 2 boys and watch them grow up.


The Hype Hustlers is a 10,000 piece unique collection of diverse NFTs. Our first season highlights powerful, real women with 200 randomly generated traits that go from different physical looks, professions, passions, and identities.

The Hustlers project, more than a unique collection, is meant to be a tight, exclusive community filled with networking opportunities and personal growth. Our goal is to showcase go-getters and fighters that will shape our world in a few years. We want to empower everyone to see themselves as a hustler in their own way of life.

You can reach out to our email

  • Learning Opportunities: We want HH holders to have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field, which is why we have planned learning experiences that will benefit any beginner in the crypto space. We will host Workshops, Master Classes with CEOs, teachers, investors, and leaders. Along with Educational content drops. Ex: weekly videos educating community over web3.
  • Networking Events: We plan to host virtual and in-person panels and events where influencers and professionals will talk about how to take advantage of the resources the Metaverse and Web 3.0 have in store for them. Also, meet real-life professionals and make real connections.
  • Real World Integration: We want the chance for our HH holders to turn their NFTs into their customizable identity in the metaverse, with their own Hype Hustler Closet. The reason we’re doing this is because, as humans, we have a variety of identities, styles and we’re constantly changing our minds. We are never just one thing, so we want our HH girls to reflect real-life experiences in the metaverse of what it means to be real women.
  • We are committed to seeing our holders succeed. 25% of our royalties and a portion of our initial sale will go directly to the HYPE HUSTLER FUND to help and finance female entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to get started in the crypto industry.
  • Donating to our charity of choice and forming a lasting relationship to help their cause. We will have our community be part of the decision-making process of picking a charity through our social media platforms.